Juvenile Justice Councils


Seven District Councils were created in 1984 as an extension of the Juvenile Justice Commission to advocate for effective juvenile justice at the local level. In 2006, a Council was formed to serve the Native American Tribes in Idaho. Council membership is made up of representatives from the community, elected officials, contract providers, juvenile probation officers, and others. The Council network is an integral part of the Commission.

While the role of a Council is one of facilitation and support for community efforts, they also provide the opportunity to educate local stakeholders about services needed for targeted populations and build capacity by supporting training for Best Practice approaches through their Council funds.

Each Council develops a tri-annual Action Plan to assess risks, needs, and resources in their communities based on the Balanced Approach framework. Due to unique political, historic, economic and social characteristics of each local community, as well as its proximity to issues affecting children and youth, each community is best suited to prioritize their problems.

Idaho Districts with Counties Map

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