Current Funding Opportunities

Formula Grant Funds

The Formula Grant program supports prevention and intervention efforts and juvenile justice system improvements by providing funds to help implement a continuum of care based on detailed studies and needs in local jurisdictions. In order to receive these funds, Idaho must comply with the core requirements of the JJDP Act.

In Idaho, the Juvenile Corrections Act is based on the Balanced Approach philosophy of Community Safety, Offender Accountability, and Competency Development. Formula funds are intended as seed money for new community-based programs to strengthen and improve the implementation of the BARJ Model.

Millennium Fund Grant

The Idaho Millennium Fund was established as an endowment fund to receive, invest, and disburse funds that the State of Idaho receives as a result of the master settlement agreement reached with tobacco companies. The Idaho Juvenile Justice Commission in partnership with the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections makes funding available to reduce the use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs by youth and reduce the risk of further involvement with the juvenile justice system.

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